Global opportunities

Case study – a career in recruitment in exciting London

Harry Rajeswaran
Harry Rajeswaran spent three years working as a credit associate/analyst at National Australia Bank, then left Australia in April 2014, spending a few months travelling and then relocating to the UK. Harry was in touch with the Global Opportunities team in July, responding to an advertisement on the Michael Page website. He now works as a recruiter within Michael Page Banking & Financial Services.

1. What made you decide to relocate to the UK?

I’ve always wanted to do it. My university friends and I decided it was something we would do once we had graduated and had a few years experience; travel europe and experience London life.

2. Did you start applying for roles in the UK before arriving? How did you go about your job search once here and what are some challenges you faced?

I didn’t do much preparation before my move but I did Google positions in London and came across the global opportunities advert about relocating to the UK via the Michael Page website. I called Ashley Wallace in the global opportunities team and it went from there. She initially flagged my CV round to the wider team and I had some correspondence with a few consultants. I then spoke to Jade Blackburn about a potential role and she asked me if I had every considered recruitment, which I hadn’t and wasn’t sure if it was something I would want to do. After arriving in London, I attended a few interviews but was unable to secure a job so I contacted Michael Page to discuss the role of recruitment consultant that they had suggested.

3. What’s the corporate culture like at Michael Page?

Professional, coupled with a sense of celebration and rewards. Culturally, one of the best places I have ever worked. All the senior stakeholders are very approachable and everyone at Michael Page has made me feel welcome from day dot.

4. How are you finding your role in recruitment?

It’s a challenge but I’m enjoying it. I like learning a new skill.

5. How are you finding life in London? Have you managed to fit in any exciting experiences or travel since arriving?

I have been making the most of being in London and exploring towns outside of the city. I went to Wimbledon this year but still don’t feel like I’m doing enough - London is an amazing place.

6. What’s your favourite thing about living in London?

The fact that it’s my wife and my first home together and I get to hang out with my best friend who I haven’t seen for three years. Love getting the tube to work too!

7. What would be your advice for other candidates moving over to the UK?

Be prepared, save money, link in with recruiters before coming over. Ask questions about the markets and be realistic about the types of roles you’re going for and salary you expect.
To speak to us about the career opportunities that are awaiting you in the UK, email Ashley Wallace at PageGroup Global Opportunities