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CV template

A certain amount of personal preference is involved when writing your CV. Typically, most will include similar categories, but candidates will no doubt choose different layouts in which to order their information.

This template is a general guide to help you compile your CV:

Name Surname
Contact number
Contact email
Brief personal statement: A few lines to summarise your experience to date and what you can offer the employer. Try to make this very concise and unique to your specific skill set (i.e. avoid a rambling intro that’s full of clichés).
Career history
Starting with your most recent employer, list your past jobs in chronological order in the following layout:
Job title at Company name  
Date from and to
  • Key responsibilities
  • Key responsibilities
  • Key responsibilities
Skills and achievements
Keep it brief, but list a few short bullet points describing the key achievements and skills you’re most proud of (and are most relevant) from your career so far.
  • Achievement 1
  • Core skill
  • Achievement 2
  • Core skill
Education and training
Starting with your most recent qualification, list your education in chronological order in the following layout:
Date from and to, institution
  • Subject, grade achieved
  • Other related awards/achievements
Interests and activities
Reveal a little of your personality and show that you’re a well-rounded individual by writing a short description of your interests outside of work.
Available on request