Career advice

Making your next career move

This section will assist you in making the right career move at the right time. Learn how to develop transferable skills and discover smart alternatives to permanent employment.
How to decide between two job offers
It may be tempting to just go for the higher paying job but there are other factors that are worth considering.
Seven signs it’s time to look for a new job
When you talk about your job, is it with a sense of pride and passion, or does the topic make you feel so deflated you just avoid it altogether? Perhaps you haven’t even realised it yet, but if any of these apply to you, maybe it’s time to start your new job search.
When to take the next career step
If you're not feeling satisfied in your current job or you're simply after a change in your career, then it might be time you took the first step. However, don't rush into it. Take the time to explore your options and follow our tips to make your decision easier.
Making a job change
Watching the clock tick minute by minute while at work is a sign it may be time to re-evaluate your career and face up to how you really feel about your job.
Developing transferable skills
Make yourself more attractive to employers by developing the skills you can utilise in a new role.
How to resign
Tips on how to resign.
How to handle a counter-offer
You think you’ve got through the tough stages of finding a new job; sorting out your CV, performing well at interview, being offered your dream role and resigning.
10 things to get you noticed by executive search specialists
There comes a time in the career of many professionals when the most likely source of alternative career options is via a headhunter. So, if your next role is in the hands of search firm, how do you go about catching their attention?
Five ways to beat the Monday morning blues
Do you ever get that sinking feeling on a Monday morning when the weekend feels a million miles away? Do you ever start the week feeling that your motivation levels are running on empty?
Could social media stop you getting a job?
Your activity online, particularly on social media websites, could impact on an employer’s decision. Michael Page investigates.
Seven reasons why you didn’t get the job
A more accurate title for this article would be seven possible reasons why you didn’t get the job – as every job application, interview and rejection/success will be unique.
Finding a company that fits you
Finding a job you know you’ll love can be difficult enough without having to consider the people you’ll be working with and different types of office atmospheres.
10 great secret Santa gifts
It’s that time of year, the names have gone into a ‘hat’ and you’ve pulled out the name of the guy you’ve never even spoken to, who sits in the corner behind a stack of papers and you’re sure is very nice but you have no idea what interests him.
The benefits of job sharing
Increasingly, more and more people are seeking a greater level of flexibility and a better work/life balance in their jobs. In the quest for these coveted work benefits, many people are shunning traditional 9-to-5 roles in favour of part-time opportunities.
How to leave on good terms
Whatever the reasons you’re leaving your current job, it is imperative for your professional reputation that you leave with dignity and on good terms. Upsetting your boss or colleagues will harm your chances of getting a good reference in the future.