Career advice

How to decide between two job offers

Ironically, you might spend months on the job hunt with no luck and then two job offers will come at once. This is a great position to be in and you need to make the most of the opportunity. So how do you decide between the two job offers? It may be tempting to just go for the higher paying job but there are other factors that are worth considering.

Career progression

What are your long-term career prospects at each of the companies? It’s important to be strategic when moving jobs and consider how the role with affect your professional growth. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re being paid well but are stuck in a job with no prospects. What you want is a job that will help you to reach your long term career goals.

Company culture

Spend time finding out as much as you can about the companies involved. Consider their reputation as employers and as well aswhether their principles and ambitions match yours. Is it the kind of business that you are willing to trust with your future career? Talk to current and past employees to get an idea of company culture and the work environment. Consider how you felt at your interviews and think about which company you felt most comfortable at and how you connected with your interviewers. Company culture is very important when considering which role to take. Unlike your salary, it can’t be negotiated so it needs to be right from the start.

Work/life balance

Consider what will be expected of you in terms of working hours and how this will affect your personal life. Will you regularly be expected to work overtime? The commute to and from work will also affect how much time you have to do things other than work like spending time with family and friends. Of course there are sacrifices that need to be made but it is worth considering how the job will affect your life as whole.
Don’t be rushed into making a decision. A company worth working for will acknowledge that moving jobs can be a life- changing decision and will give you time to consider your options.
When considering a job offer an important consideration is always the salary and there is usually room for negotiation. Our new Salary Comparison Tool allows you to search average salaries by job title, industry and region so you can be sure that the offer is a fair one.