Career advice

Tips for temps

This section offers advice and support for temporary, contract and interim workers, or for those looking to move into these types of roles.
AWR FAQs for temp workers
Find out more about temporary worker entitlements with our FAQs on Agency Workers Regulations.
A guide to temping, contracting and interim jobs
Over the years, we’ve seen temporary, contract and interim work evolve from simply being a stop-gap solution to become a credible, flexible career for many.
Interim advice: make your CV work for you
With interim and contract roles, your CV really has to shine. There will normally be strong competition for positions and the client will typically have a pressing need to get a suitable professional into the role quickly.
The importance of networking for interims
If you’ve chosen a career as an interim consultant or contractor, effective networking skills will be crucial to your success.
Tailoring your CV for temp and contract roles
Your recruitment agency needs an up-to-date CV to help you find the most suitable temp or contract job.
Is an interim career for me?
Working as an interim manager or a contractor has many benefits, but may not suit everyone. On the plus side, it can offer a varied, flexible and rewarding career that can give you a better work/life balance.
Interim advice: deciding on your day rate
When working in a permanent role, your salary and benefits package is set at the start of your period of employment.
Key legislation affecting interims
An interim professional who operates through a limited company needs to take into consideration legislation that is relevant to how they operate.
Office etiquette for temporary workers
It’s your first assignment. But you’re a temp, and that means planning your next move. Put yourself in an unassailable position and you’ll have an edge when you decide to move on!
Benefits of contracting
Contracting is a great way to create a tailor-made career. You are essentially your own boss there for rate of pay, hours, holidays and working conditions are up to you. These are the benefits of contracting.