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Keelham Farm Shop

About Keelham Farm Shop

Making great tasting food available to everybody every day is one of our key purposes at Keelham. We achieve this in many ways, from the affordable local fresh produce available for our customers to educating and inspiring our customers to cook and try something new. 

Brand Values

Our backbone, our belief system

These four values are what we believe in – they are principles that we always stick to at Keelham. Taste comes first, Do the right thing, Do things differently, For everyone

About our team

Our teams have a passion for food and customer service, lead by example, welcome change and love to learn new stuff. They always go the extra mile - really wanting to make a difference, have great trust and integrity and absolutely love making customers smile. We like straight talking individuals who can demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and helpfulness and who have the ability to work at pace, use common sense and encourage others.

Office Culture

We have a culture of education, learning, discovery and innovation and believe our Team is what makes Keelham such a special place to work. Over the last 18 months Keelham has doubled in size and now employs over 300 people. Working at Keelham is anything but boring and every day, everyone makes a difference.

Career Development

We believe in leadership coaching, development and learning. Developing a culture of career path development and putting in place the infrastructure to allow both the organisation and its team members to thrive