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Michael Page Technology Salary Survey

Banking and Financial Markets

RoleMinimum (£'k)Average (£'k)Maximum (£'k)Contract Rate (£per day)
IT Director80120185800-1000
Programme Manager6090130700-900
IT Manager506595600-700
Project Manager506595500-600
Solutions Architect5575110600-700
Business Analyst455585350-450
Development Manager4570110450-550
VB Developer304565300-400
VBA / ExceI / Access Developer254060175-350
VC++/C++ Developer355075350-450
Java Developer305075350-450
Net Specialist455580400-500
C# Specialist455580400-500
Database Developer304055250-350
Database Administrator304070250-400
Network Manager456585300-500
System / Support Analyst253045250-400
Support / Helpdesk Manager303545250-400
3rd Line Technical Support283040250-350
Trade Floor Support253040225-400
1st / 2nd Line Support Analyst202528150-230
Helpdesk Analyst (24x7)252730100-200
IT Trainer182527150-240
Security Director851000130550-1200
Security Manager607595500-1000
Senior Security Consultant / Architect506585400-750
Security Consultant405570300-650
Security Analyst253540150-250
Security Administrator203035150-200
Infrastructure Director608095350-650
Infrastructure Manager556585250-500
Infrastructure Analyst / Consultant405570200-350
Infrastructure Engineer354555250-500
Data / Voice Network Analyst405065250-500


Public Sector

RoleMinimum (£'k)Average (£'k)Maximum (£'k)Contract Rate (£per day)
IT Director506590 500-600 
IT Manager354560 350-500 
Programme Manager455580 650-800 
Project Manager 304060 400-500 
Data / Solutions Architect 456080700 
Business Analyst 303745 250-400 
Development Manager 354555 300-400 
VB Developer 304565 280-380 
VBA / Excel / Access Developer 254060 160-320 
VC++ / C++ Developer 355075 350-400 
Java Developer 254065 280-400 
.Net Specialist 354570 300-400 
C# Specialist  354570 300-400 
Database Developer 304055 250-350 
Database Administrator 304070 250-400 
Designer / Developer 253040 150-200 
Network Manager 354555 300-450 
System / Support Analyst253545 250-400 
Support / Helpdesk Manager 303545 150-250 
3rd Line Technical Support 252837 130-180 
1st / 2nd Line Support Line Analsyt 192226 100-150 
Helpdesk Analsyt 162025 120-150 
IT Trainer 182327 100-200 
Security Director 506585 500-1000 
Security Manager 354560 500-900 
Senior Security Consultant / Architect 404550 450-700 
Security Consultant 303545 300-650 
Security Analyst 232735 150-250 
Security Administrator 182427 150-200 
Data / Voice Network Analyst 263347 250-500 
Systems Tester / Test Analyst253545 250-400 
Automated Tester 304555 300-600 
UAT 203035 150-300 
Test Manager 3040 55350-1000 


Industry and Commerce

RoleMinimum (£'k)Average (£'k)Maximum (£'k)Contract Rate ( £per day)
IT Director6070110500-900
IT Manager455570400-500
Programme Manager506090650-800
Generalist IT Manager455570400-500
Project Manager405565400-500
Data / Solutions Architect506585700
Business Analyst304555250-400
Development Manager405580300-400
VB Developer304565280-380
VBA / Excel / Access Developer254060160-320
VC++ / C++ Developer355075350-400
Java Developer305075280-400
.Net Specialist455580350-450
C# Specialist455580350-450
Database Developer304055250-350
Database Administrator304070250-400
Designer / Developer253040150-200
Network Manager354555300-450
System / Support Analyst253545250-400
Support / Helpdesk Manager303545150-250
3rd Line Technical Support253040130-180
1st / 2nd Line Support Analyst202528100-150
Helpdesk Analyst222530120-150
IT Trainer202630100-200
Security Director657585500-1000
Security Manager556575500-900
Senior Security Consultant / Architect455565450-700
Security Consultant354055300-650
Security Analyst253540150-250
Security Administrator203035150-200
Infrastructure Director607085400-650
Infrastructure Manager506075350-600
Infrastructure Analyst / Consultant304560300-500
Infrastructure Engineer354550250-400
Data / Voice Network Analyst354555250-500
System Tester / Test Analyst253545250-400
Automated Tester354565300-600
Test Manager354565350-1000


Professional Services

RoleMinimum (£'k)Average (£'k)Maximum (£'k)Contract Rate (£per day)
IT Director6085110500-600
IT Manager506095400-500
Programme Manager6090130650-800
Generalist IT Manager506595400-500
Project Manager455575400-500
Data / Solutions Architect557085600-700
Business Analyst304555250-400
Development Manager355580300-400
VB Developer304565280-380
VBA/Excel/Access Developer254060160-320
VC++/C++ Developer355075350-400
Java Developer305075280-400
.Net Specialist455580400-500
C# Specialist455580400-500
Database Developer304055250-350
Database Administrator304070250-400
Network Manager354555300-450
System/Support Analyst253545250-400
Support/Helpdesk Manager303545150-250
3rd Line Technical Support252835130-180
1st/2nd Line Support Analyst222527100-150
Helpdesk Analyst182025120-150
IT Trainer182530100-200
Security Director657585500-1000
Security Manager556575500-900
Senior Security Consultant/Architect455565450-700
Security Consultant404555300-650
Security Analyst253540150-250
Security Administrator203035150-200
Infrastructure Director607085400-650
Infrasturcture Manager506075350-600
Infrastructure Analyst/Consultant405060300-500
Infrastructure Engineer354550250-400
Data/Voice Network Analyst354555250-500

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