Reach Talent | Bespoke digital advertising solutions

Shifts in candidate behaviour and attraction trends are forcing employers to innovate and approach talent acquisition in new ways. Social media, SEM and Google paid search are all important ways to reach candidates and are all areas in which we are experts. While Michael Page has an extensive database of highly qualified candidates available to our expert consultants, there is often a need to reach an even wider audience.
Whether you need to make a quick hire in a specialist role, are struggling to fill a position due to locality or require multiple high quality hires over a period of time; Reach Talent has the tools to meet your needs.

Real time demographics

A bespoke digital advertising solution, Reach Talent is tailored to attract the very best candidates by elevating your brand and implementing a wide range of forward thinking attraction methods. We ensure that our tailored packages take advantage of all avenues as well as maintaining core job board coverage. 
Reach Talent is branded digital job advertising with a focus on social media, search and branded adverts. benefits of Reach Talent include:
  • Opportunity to sell your company values and the fact that a candidate can build a career with you
  • More engaged, higher calibre candidates for you to meet and ultimately pick from
  • Specialist in-house team to manages all campaigns from inception to completion
  • Broadcasts your branded advert across a wide range of channels
  • All adverts are tailored to suit each of these channels and targeted to ensure they are seen by the right people
  • Adverts places on the best specialist job boards within your sector based on our experience
  • Every advert is measured, analysed and improved to ensure best performance