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Attracting top talent – are you ready to compete?

The current climate has changed from that of 2009-2013. Back then the recruitment market was client led, now it has shifted towards a competitive battle to attract the best candidates.
In the current climate we have seen many challenges, from retaining current members of staff to attracting new employees. For a lot of our clients this causes numerous issues which they haven’t factored in for their employees or potential employees. To put it simply, businesses are in competition with each other!
Gone are the days where businesses can adopt the mantra that, “If they don’t think we are the best option then they are not right for us”, without even pitching their business/opportunity in the right manner. Businesses can often lose out to other firms because they haven’t demonstrated their unique selling points. Employers must be made aware that they are competing with others, for both their current employees and for new hires.
Working with recruitment specialists who can advise on how to put the business in the best possible light should be done on an ongoing basis. If businesses don’t concentrate on areas such as the ones listed below as a bare minimum, then they risk losing out on the best talent in the market.  

How to attract the top talent

  • Be proactive about your brand on social media platforms and ensure that the values of the business are promoted. A lot of potential employees will look to align their own values with that of their potential employers. 
  • Be informative about your business, products and plans for next three years. 
  • Clearly define the culture of your business and continue to drive that culture.
  • Provide extra incentives in the overall offer of employment package such as working from home, health care, and bonuses.


In light of the market where counter offers and multiple offers exist, recruiters are well versed in the many different practices in order to prepare possible new employees and clients.
Recruitment specialists can certainly benefit clients by helping them to understand the exact motivational factors behind each candidate, but these can vary dramatically. With this in mind, clients are encouraged to tailor benefits to each candidate, in order to attract them into the business. Hiring managers and recruitment specialists should have a clear strategy on how to assist a business in attracting the right candidates, and in doing so will they be able to compete with other attractive businesses to work for.  Recruitment specialists are well placed to assist businesses with such issues in the current climate and those firms who invest heavily in making sure they are adaptable to the current climate, will be best positioned to service the changing requirements of both clients and candidates.      
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