About Michael Page Policy

Michael Page Legal set up a specialist team in 2000 to recruit policy jobs pivotal to the government’s realisation of their political vision.
In what’s almost a decade of operating in this space, Michael Page Policy has accumulated a wealth of experience and built its knowledge of relevant geographies and markets.
Whether you’re looking for your first policy job or want to take a sideways step, perhaps into another sector, Michael Page Policy has the contacts, the experience and the desire to help.
Ours is a bespoke recruitment service: you will have one consultant to act as dedicated liaison; they’re paid on profit share not commission which means they share your assignment with a team that can, in turn, call upon the resources of a national network.
That means a lot people with a lot of experience pulling together on your behalf, all committed to finding you the right role in the right company. We vigorously promote a culture of diversity and we never put people forward for a job that isn’t right for them.
Search for a policy job today, or to speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can help with your job search or hiring needs.