PageGroup is in a unique position to make a difference supporting more people from diverse backgrounds into the workforce, we know how to help you recruit diversity because we’ve been doing it ourselves since 2012. 

Led by a CEO with a disability, we know we need to approach the sourcing of diverse candidates differently to the normal recruitment methods.

Our review found that:

  • Advertising job vacancies with a diversity approach has a limited success, due to lack of confidence, growing cynicism (token hires) etc. 
  • Shortlists with at least one candidate from under-represented groups (if any) is ineffective.
  • Lack of Trust is a major factor in recruitment of those with protected characteristics. Building a relationship with candidates is vital.

In line with the insight we gained, PageGroup has set up a team entirely focused on delivering under-represented candidates – D&I Solutions Team.

Our D&I solutions team all come from underrepresented backgrounds, whether that is; disability, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic backgrounds. This means we really understand the reasons and barriers in place when people from underrepresented groups look and apply for work.

With this understanding our team can efficiently engage with candidates using methods that are not used when traditionally recruiting. This includes networking and partnerships with different groups and organisations, which allows us to build trust and directly reach out to candidates.

Having a team of people with lived experience means we support with your internal process to ensure the culture the candidate is joining is one of inclusion, support and belonging.

To find out more, please contact either; Bolu Faseun, [email protected] or Ollie Thorn, [email protected].

Why not start by checking how inclusive your company is by using our handy tool which will produce a report.

Inclusivity Mapper

We will advise you things you can do to ensure the candidate experience is a positive one and you can focus on optimising your inclusive culture. 

But don’t just take our word for it, this is what our clients have to say…. 

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