Advertised jobs are the tip of the iceberg of available opportunities.

To increase your chances of landing a role you really want, exploit the unadvertised job market through networking.

  • Ask family, colleagues, ex-colleagues, alumni, lecturers for leads.

  • Follow up, mentioning the contact who gave you the lead.

  • Send speculative letters that present you as a solution to a problem.

  • Secondments, shadowing and committee work increase your marketability.

  • Cultivate external clients to leverage at a later date.

Online networking

With so many people using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to advance their career, you need to stand out from the crowd.

  • Use the sites’ on-line CV builders to pitch your skills and experience.

  • Include key words relevant to your role and industry in your profile and CV.

  • Activate testimonials - a powerful endorsement of your abilities.

  • Add a professional looking photo.

  • Contribute articles, advice and opinions on relevant forums to raise your visibility.

  • Don’t put anything on the net that could undermine your credibility.

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