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Karen brings extensive experience to the British Geological Survey, including previous roles at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, as an academic researcher and in business. Karen is a member of a range of international advisory. Karen joins BGS from EIT RawMaterials, a knowledge and innovation community supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Karen's expertise will ensure the BGS is well-placed to meet future challenges and ensure it continues as a globally-leading survey, delivering services and providing infrastructure support nationally and globally.

Karen Hanghj, BGS Director

About us

We are a world leading geological survey and carry out work across the globe that has been commissioned by the governments and private sector organisations. 

Career Development 

BGS are proud to have a loyal and long serving workforce. Many of our employees are able to demonstrate significant career development thanks to the ongoing support and encouragement that they have been offered since the very first day of employment with us.

Office culture

As an organisation we are at the forefront of geological research across the globe & we employee people who are passionate and excited by what we do which truly makes BGS an exciting and rewarding place to work.

Our employees

We have a diverse workforce and have scientists from all corners of the globe working out of Keyworth head office.

Brand Values

  • Impartiality - Our professional competence enables us to be objective.

  • We provide scientific evidence to enable our clients to make informed decisions

  • Knowledge - We continually develop and apply our geological and technical expertise

  • We are committed to acquiring, expanding and disseminating scientific data and information

  • Societal Impacts - We work for the benefit of society

  • We meet the changing needs of society with responsive, innovative and interdisciplinary science

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