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About us

Culina Group are a market leading ambient and chilled food & drink 3PL specialist, providing warehousing, distribution, contract packing and a bonded division with extensive expertise in relation to dutiable goods across the UK and Ireland.

Career development

Culina Group is committed to ensure that its employees are valued, nurtured, and given opportunities to optimise their talents and achieve their career goals within its ever growing organisation through comprehensive and structured career development.

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Office culture

Culina Group provides a welcoming office environment that inspires productivity, collaboration and creativity. 

Our employees

Our people are what really makes Culina Group a successful organisation. A positive team spirit is evident across the network with people working together towards a greater goal. See our testimonials from our employees.

Brand values

Culina Group has strong values and firmly believes in Communicating, Team Work, Commitment, Listening, Respect, Passion, Recognising Success, Honesty and Integrity. These values are evident throughout the Culina Group network.

Our testimonials

In my job role I like the challenge. Every day is different, fast paced and it keeps me going.

Gemma Pearson, Shift Manager, IPS Featherstone 

The thing I enjoy most about working for Culina Group is that each day has new challenges.”

John Smith, Culina Logistics, Market Drayton, General Warehouse Operative

“I love working here! A really nice company to work for, great management that are really good at supporting people.”

Catherine Spavold, Great Bear Markham Vale 1, Admin Manager

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Meet the team

Peter Dearman
Peter Dearman
Transport Supervisor

I stared when the site opened as a Warehouse Operative. Since then I have progressed my career using the opportunities provided by Culina Group to my current role of Transport Supervisor

Meet the team

Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas
HR Team Leader

I think that this company is really good at nurturing and bringing in new talent, to help you get on the career path that is right for you. I have come such a long way as a person since I joined the business.