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DESOTEC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid, air and gas purification solutions, based on plug-and-play mobile filters which are available on a rental basis. 


Thanks to our solution oriented sales engineers, extensive application expertise, 24/7 service commitment and large stock in our hubs throughout Europe, we can provide quick assistance and delivery of ready-to-use purification solutions.


Having a circular business model, DESOTEC undertakes to recycle all saturated filters and valorise the customer’s contamination in its reactivation facilities in Belgium.





We are committed to run our business in a responsible and sustainable way. We believe that sustainability is the driver of a continuous improvement process that guarantees the strengthening of our economic performances, our reputation and the wellbeing of our employees and other stakeholders.


Sustainability at the heart of everything we do:


- By reactivating (recycling) our contaminated activated carbon ourselves, we reduce our CO2 emissions annually by 100,000 tonnes (equivalent to the annual consumption of 40,000 cars)


- We reuse the heat released from our ovens (for example to make steam)


- Solar panels are displayed on our roof to supply electricity to various sites.


- Our staff is personally engaged in environmental events such as World Clean-up Day, Word Environment Day, etc.



At DESOTEC, we call ourselves “DESOTEC warriors”: motivated colleagues who "fight" for a brighter and cleaner future! We're always looking for new warriors to join the fight!

Our customers value our experience and technical know-how as well as the excellent customer service : we’re always ready to answer the call and provide a solution in case of emergency.

We have pride in what we do, we are committed to a better environment and show a great team working spirit: we often come together during or after work.