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The company

EDM Ltd is the market leading training & simulation company offering a comprehensive range of world-class design and manufacturing services to meet a diverse and exacting range of customer’s requirements.


We are a specialist hardware manufacturer, predominantly working in the fields of training and simulation on projects for both major airlines and on defence sector and government contracts.

Operating from Manchester, UK, and with companies in Asia and Russia; we are a truly international company with a worldwide customer base including many of the world’s leading airlines and leading defence companies.


We exercise the capacity and capabilities to undertake comprehensive design and engineering, manufacture and installation activities augmented by the high standards of workmanship and professionalism that have come to be associated with EDM.


We are an ISO accredited company with a positive approach; this combined with an in-depth technical knowledge and over thirty years’ experience has become our trademark.


Career development

Minimising training downtime is our customers’ highest priority. To ensure we meet this expectation, we offer a manned telephone technical advice service, a full call-out service and a remote diagnostic service that uses the latest technology.
All our modern training equipment can be remotely accessed via the internet, allowing our highly skilled engineers to monitor your system’s performance anywhere in the world so they can advise on the cause of the problem or correct the fault remotely. Should a software update become available, we can also remotely update your system to the latest standard.
To keep all our in-service equipment operating to the highest levels of reliability, we issue technical bulletins where appropriate. Spare parts for all our products are also available through EDM’s customer support department, either with or without a fitting service.

The employees

EDM is one of the world’s leading providers of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence and rail industries. By choosing a career with us, you will have a wealth of opportunity to develop your skills and use your knowledge in the exciting environment of engineering and technology.
Growing successfully year on year as we continue to win new business all over the world, we offer our employees a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and exchange ideas as part of a highly diverse team. Creativity and innovation are key priorities across our company and we highly value collaboration and teamwork.
We offer attractive benefits packages and a great working environment that encourages our people to become the best possible professionals in their chosen careers.

Brand values

EDM has over 40 years experience delivering industry-leading training simulators to a wide client base across a diverse range of industries including civil aviation, defence and rail. With this unrivalled heritage, you can rely on us to deliver your product on time and on budget.
Our team of committed and highly skilled engineers and craftsmen are the best in the business. We only recruit the finest talent in the industry, ensuring that your product is built to the highest possible standards.
EDM’s products are built to the highest standards in the industry. Design data is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer, which ensures the highest degree of training realism is achieved. We pay particular attention to ensuring that all metals and materials are suitably treated against corrosion and other contaminants, and we fully guarantee the equipment for its intended operational life. We ensure compliance with health and safety standards, with all equipment fully tested and certified to regulatory standards.