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Who we are

Elis is an international multiservice provider, offering textile, hygiene and facilities solutions. Throughout Europe and Latin America, we are a leader in the majority of countries in which we operate, employing 45,000 professionals at 440 production plants and service centres in 28 countries.

As industry leaders in the textile service industry, we offer exciting opportunities throughout all our countries of operation.

What we do

Dedicated to our customers, we imagine, develop and deliver bespoke solutions within a wide range of industries to empower our customers’ day and ensure their success, helping them so that:


  • - They are always ready to welcome their customers 

  • - Their employees are safe, comfortable and ready to perform at their best 

  • - They protect the quality and safety of their products 

  • - They project a professional image and provide high quality service

We empower your day

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Customer focused

We work for 400,000 customers. Organisations of all sizes, both public and private companies, across all sectors.