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Brand values

Our team embraces these 6 principles: 

1. Dare to be bold - We are bold, we make brave decisions and we lead the pack.  Leading from the front drives valuable change.


2. Sharp thinking - We challenge ourselves to be critical thinkers.  We're obsessively curious.  We're open-minded.  We choose data over beliefs.


3. Deliver with pride - We're proud of what we do.  We take full ownership of the part we play in the business and we're obsessed with delivering the best results for pets, customers, partners, the business, the environment, and ourselves.
4. Keep moving - we embrace change.  We're comfortable with pacy decision making.  We're agile enough to take action and get things moving.  We learn from and share our mistakes.
5. Invest time and trust - We know the importance of developing productive and rewarding working relationships.  We tackle the hard stuff.  We value differences.
6. Its personal - We understand first-hand the bond between an owner and their pet, and it's our duty to make sure those moments happen for longer.  That's why we only develop products that make a real difference.

Career development

Lintbells is on a journey, as the company develops, our team develops too.  We provide individuals with the ability to continuous learn and stretch their skillsets.  


We empower our team to develop both professionally and personally with structured individual development paths centred around 4 key areas: Functional Training, Leadership Training, Behavioural Training and Role Specific Training.  Internal progression is a key factor at Lintbells; the team are able to sharpened their skillsets, take on more responsibilities and develop their careers within new roles.

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