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London Energy Ltd


LondonEnergy operates the second largest waste contract in the UK, handling and treating nearly 750,000 tonnes of London’s waste and recyclables, and generates enough electricity to power more than 80,000 homes every year. We divert more than 90% of waste away from landfill saving nearly 300,000 tonnes of CO2e every year. As well as a 40-acre head office in North London, the company operates the Hendon Transfer Station, London NW7, Hornsey Street Waste Recycling Centre, N7 and six Reuse and Recycling Centres across North London achieving over 70% recycling rate.

London Energy Ltd

Our Values

Over the last two years, LondonEnergy, through a series of workshop and surveys, asked its employees, what is important to them as individuals and what is important for the Company they work for.


The result has been the establishment of three core values: “Be Safe, Have Trust, Own it”. At LondonEnergy, it is key that our values come from our People and we are delighted to share the details with you all.


At LondonEnergy, people are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves, others, the environment and the business. People know and do the right thing. People take ownership for decisions and actions.


“Our core values are important. They say who we are as well as guide our actions and decisions as individuals, as a team and as a Company.”

– Peter Sharpe, Managing Director