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About us


We have been an independent firm since we were founded in 1905 and now Mercer & Hole has evolved through the years into an organisation led by 24 partners with a team of around 230? people, working across four office locations in London, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Milton Keynes.


Today we are proud to say that we are a top 40 accountancy firm and a top 20 firm for both private client work and financial planning. 


We work with businesses, individual clients, their families and trustees and provide a quality, personalised service with high levels of expertise across all aspects of accountancy, tax and financial planning.


Mercer & Hole also has an international reach through The International Accounting Group (TIAG), which means we can fully support our clients across the globe.  For businesses, global boundaries are shrinking. Many of our clients trade abroad and require guidance on local regulations and issues such as overseas local laws and setting up a new company abroad. Many of our private clients have property and investments abroad and in most instances, where they have a concern abroad, it is tax related.


Mercer & HoleCareer development


If you join our team you will be in a place where good work is recognised and rewarded and where you can enjoy making a positive impact on those we work with. It’s an opportunity to be stimulated and valued whilst getting the balance between work and home right - this has been consolidated throughout lockdown.

We advise the business community, as well as individuals and families, and they all expect a valued contribution from us.


If you want to make a difference, we want to hear from you.


A mindset that supports mutual future growth and owning our values will be key to the success of career at Mercer & Hole.


Our values


Mercer & Hole is a friendly and approachable firm. We care about delivering excellent client service, our people, our clients and the community in which we work. Throughout our four locations we are known in the business community.


We are also committed to engaging with the local communities in which we work and to supporting charities and good causes. This is very important to the people who work at Mercer & Hole and has been identified as one of the firm’s key values.


Each of our offices engages with a local Charity of the Year which is voted for by our team. We have appointed Charity Champions at each of our offices who build relationships with these and other charities on a local level. Through this we volunteer our time to, fundraise for and donate to good causes.


Our employees


People are important to us. Our team strive to help our clients realise their ambitions and aims, and to fulfill their personal and business objectives. We take the time to understand what is important to you. If you are happy, you will enjoy your work, and we believe that you will then better add to our ability to deliver the exceptional service levels we pride ourselves on.



Luke Noble

Tax Trainee


If you want to take ownership of your career, we want to hear from you. We are interested in learning about how you want to challenge yourself in your career, and to make that contribution.


In my first year, I would come across technical aspects I had not yet seen at college, but my colleagues have always been willing to take the time to teach me. Another tough challenge is balancing work and my studies and it’s great to know that they want you to do well and they will be as flexible as they can in helping you achieve that.


Try to identify the values that Mercer & Hole have and see if they are compatible with your own. Don’t place too much emphasis on what you studied in the past, it’s more important that you’re a good fit and you can add value. Make sure you can communicate how or why you are interested in working in an accounting firm. This could be demonstrated in the application process by what you took away from an internship. 


The culture is all about taking a personal approach and building relationships, both with clients and colleagues. Working hard is always important, but there is also an emphasis on making sure people are engaged, enjoy where they work and have a work-life balance. There are social activities and charities to get involved in, sometimes firm or office wide, sometimes just as a department and all of these allow you to get to know each other a bit better.



Maria Bailey

Marketing Director


When I first saw the role of Marketing Director advertised, the opportunity to work both locally and in other offices appealed to me – a move away from being based solely in London. The role also seemed to offer a lot of autonomy.


On joining the firm, I was really struck by how approachable the partners were. At that time, there were three offices but there were lots of similarities between them. Overall, I appreciated the willingness of the partners to be open to suggestions and new ideas – it was refreshing that there wasn’t lots of red tape to go through.


Several years on, I like our marketing team and the variety of the work we produce – it’s a traditional full service marketing role, which requires knowledge across all areas of the marketing mix and all activities.  There is an appetite for trying something new which keeps it interesting. Partnership exposure is something I welcome too – there’s opportunities to be heard at board and partner level. There’s a wealth of knowledge within the firm and it’s great to use that and our market experience to create the best marketing opportunities to support the teams.


The partners and directors at the firm take time for marketing. It feels likes we’re all in it together and that’s even more noticeable when we’re working on big projects, such as our new website or brand refresh.



Jamie Wooldridge

Audit Director


I joined Mercer & Hole in 2012, from a small, three partner firm in the West End of London. I had been there for eight years and had qualified with them. When I came to Mercer & Hole, I was looking for a larger organisation, different clients, career opportunities and a change of scenery.


Since joining the firm in 2012 as a Senior Manager, I have progressed to being a director in 2016 and also have had the opportunity to relocate to the Milton Keynes office.


Working in Audit and Business Advisory Services, I deal with a wide variety of clients. Our largest clients have turnovers of around £50 million and balance sheets with hundreds of £ millions worth of assets, whilst at the other end of the scale I work with non-incorporated sole traders. Although they have different requirements, the one thing they have in common is that they are looking for a quality personalised service and value for money.


Spotting tax issues and planning opportunities is one of the aspects of my role that saves clients money and also avoids them getting into unnecessary difficulties. In one case I worked on, the company were about to spend a lot of money on a property as a retail outlet when I realised there was a VAT issue that could have cost them about £1 million. I think they were pretty happy about that!


As a firm, we go out of our way to help clients and to provide them with as much service as we can. We do more than churn out accounts; we are proactive and will always look at opportunities for what more we can do to help; tax planning, for instance.


There is a good culture at Mercer & Hole in as much as everyone is very approachable – partners too. It’s very friendly and within the team, there is a good working relationship, which makes it a pleasant place to work.



Rachel Morgan

Partners Assistant


The thing that makes Mercer & Hole different is the people and the ethos. The value placed on learning and teaching coupled with the culture of collaboration means that you are always engaging with others. Working in a small and intimate tax team means that you have contact with managers and partners on a daily basis cementing the feeling of responsibility and value.


Office culture


Given the strong links between our graduate cohorts, and many stay on and up into the firm when qualified, despite, being across four locations, we act as one firm. With social, charity and wellbeing events to engage in.