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TEC Container Solutions

About us

We are primarily a tank container design and manufacturing business serving the oil and gas industry. However, our years of experience and position as market leader in bitumen, has allowed us to expand out into all parts of the industry and create innovative solutions for our customers challenges. 
Currently, we are going through an exciting time whereby we are refocusing on innovation and product development in order to further progress our market position and brand reputation  as well as diversify into other areas of opportunity.



Office culture

We are a small team and therefore every member enjoys a significant level of responsibility and accountability in their particular area. Furthermore, when necessary each person is happy to go outside of their remit in order to ensure we achieve our goals as a collective. 
The office atmosphere is relaxed and flexible, with micromanaging avoided to encourage autonomy. 





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Career development

Being  a member of our team means that very early on a particular area of the business becomes your responsibility. Growth and development in that area is encouraged and supported, meaning the opportunity for career development is strong. 
We also encourage every team member to engage in an area of personal development each year to accelerate their progression. 

Our clients


We have a significant and diverse international client base ranging from blue chip oil majors to power generation companies to small bio-fuel suppliers.
Working within our organisation gives high level access to key decision makers in these companies as well as exposure to a variety of cultural experiences that won't be found at single market focused companies. 






Brand Values


Solutions - Working to solve problems by providing effective solutions, both for our customers and internally, as well as continuously looking for new ways to innovate 
Quality - Showing quality in what we do and what we offer, that leads to gratification in customers and pride in ourselves
Reliability - Providing a reliable product, reliable service to customers, while also focusing on being reliable to one another and being driven to meet and exceed expectations
Positive Experiences - Focusing on ensuring all our dealings, with team members, customers and suppliers are a positive experience in either the interactions had or lessons learned.