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Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council is an organisation like no other -  a flagship local authority in the heart of a global city.  Westminster is home to a quarter of a million people and it is also an international centre for government, business, tourism and culture.  With many world-famous tourist sites – Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, to name a few – as well as the major shopping and entertainment destinations of the West End, Westminster welcomes more than a million visitors each day.
Westminster City Council is committed to its most ambitious affordable housing initiative for a generation, with plans to deliver high quality social housing across the city. The programme is running more than 50 live projects, ranging from some of the largest and most comprehensive regeneration schemes seen in Central London, where we are investing to make a lasting difference to the lives of our communities, to the smaller infill sites that transform unused or underused space – such as basements, garages, vacant land and car parks on council owned estates – into homes for Westminster’s families.
This is an exciting time to join Westminster City Council’s Development team.  The development programme is in place to deliver 1,850 new affordable homes over the next 4 years and we are on track to meet this challenging target by 2023.  Beyond this, a pipeline of additional sites has been identified for a further potential 2,000 new homes.
Working in the Development team gives us the opportunity to work in some of the most historic and high-profile neighbourhoods in the UK.  Doing this, whilst also creating a positive impact which makes a real difference to the families, communities and built environment, is hugely rewarding and a highlight for any development professional’s career. 

The Westminster Way

The Westminster Way is to create a culture of openness, transparency and integrity by developing all our staff to be the very best at what they do. There are three pillars to the Westminster Way:


1. Personal development.  We believe everybody has talent and we will create opportunities for everyone to thrive. We have a talent development programme in place to support our employees.


2. Value our people and diversity.  We want everyone to feel valued. We will celebrate and embrace our differences, using them to bring new perspectives to future challenges we have as a council. It should not matter what colour, religion or gender you are, we value and respect our people in Westminster. We have a diversity and inclusion programme in place to support everyone. 


3. The Westminster Way of working.  We have an agile and modern way of working in place and we believe that everyone is a leader in their roles. We are all empowered to take a lead in our roles, whether you are an apprentice or a manager - you are a leader.

City for All

Westminster City Council believes in creating a City for All where people are born into a supportive and safe environment, grow and learn throughout their lives, build fantastic careers in world-leading industries, have access to high quality, affordable homes and retire into the community with dignity and pride.  Our approach to realising this ambition is based on achieving success in five distinct areas. We want Westminster to be a:
City of opportunity - Everyone should have the opportunity to build their lives, careers and families here.
City that offers excellent local services - Westminster has a national reputation for providing excellent local, value for money services. We will continue to drive improvements, working with our partners to make sure the city is safe, clean and well run.
Caring and fairer city - Caring and supporting the most vulnerable within our community is, and will always remain, our most important priority.

Healthier and greener city - Children growing up and going to school in Westminster deserve a healthy start in life and to breathe clean air. We will work closely with partners including the NHS to encourage individuals and families to enjoy active and healthy lives, while we focus our resources on the support needed for the most vulnerable in our city.
City that celebrates its communities - We are proud of Westminster’s vibrant neighbourhoods and mixed communities.  We want to make sure everybody has a stake in the city and can actively contribute to their community. Through our #MyWestminster programme, we celebrate the city’s diversity and make sure local people are at the heart of every decision we make.