Curated in partnership with Future Talent Group, this eBook highlights what we believe to be the four priority areas right now for organisations of all sizes:

  • People and talent 
  • Evolving working practices 
  • Workspace innovation
  • Leadership capability 

You will gain access to insights on these topics explored in the short essays below, from leading thinkers on the future of work:

1. We need split-screen thinking to manage change

By Matthew Taylor, UK Government Advisor, Chief Executive of the RSA, and author of Good Work: the Taylor review of modern working practices. 

2. Rethinking your organisation’s form, function, and people requirements, post-COVID

By Professor Jonathan Trevor, Associate Professor of Management Practice at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and a leading expert on strategy and organisation. 

3. Putting the emphasis on leadership in a disrupted world 

By Dr Elaine Yerby, Senior Lecturer in Practice at the London School of Economics’ Department of Management.

4. What is the future for the workplace?

By Bruce Daisley, former EMEA Vice President of Twitter and current author of weekly newsletter The Joy of Work, covering work and organisational culture. 

5. Making adaptability a habit

By Adam Kingl, author of Next Generation Leadership, and a keynote speaker, educator, and advisor.

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