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Discover how the rise of emotional AI and engineered empathy will impact your business. Download your free white paper now

In the never-ending story of consumer empowerment, a new chapter opens. With the proliferation of AI we anticipate a future in which emotional intelligence becomes a core commercial expectation as well as a key personal skill to master in an emotion-sensitive world and workplace.
Promised here is an ever more clinical understanding of the customer’s real-time emotional state (including her emotional associations with particular brands) and the arrival of empathetic services that, powered by cold hard data, deliver warmer, more human interactions, at scale and on-demand. Wherever the customer finds herself - in-store, in-app or browsing sites at home - empathetic engagement will surface, from context- and mood- sensitive greetings to recommendations based on a customer’s core underlying motivational code. Commercial interactions that do not reflect a little of ourselves back will soon seem underpowered by comparison.

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About the Future First Research
We are in the midst of a massive upheaval in the job market in the UK. The rapidly evolving technological landscape is pushing boundaries across all industries. These technologies are enhancing what we do and how we do it, enabling us to be more agile, more responsive and more ambitious.
PageGroup, in partnership with trends forecasters Foresight Factory, undertook research to examine the emerging trends and technologies that will shape tomorrow’s workplace. We found six key technology trends and in this series of whitepapers explore how these trends are currently impacting the workplace, where businesses are already seeing value and what you should expect in the future.
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