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Geared up for Growth

Growth: a deceptively simple word that can actually have a multitude of meanings. For an individual, growth could be grasping a golden opportunity and moving up the career ladder with an amazing new job. Or, alternatively, securing a promotion or pay rise. For a team and its leaders, it could mean hiring much-needed new talent, upskilling existing staff or simply boosting motivation, morale and productivity. 
Whatever growth means to you, at Michael Page we’re committed to helping you drive it forward. Whilst the economic situation may be uncertain as Brexit negotiations continue, there’s actually never been a better time to grab the bull by the horns and grow your career, team or business. Are you geared up for growth?
Of course, the first step on the path to growth is to work out what your goals are. Short-term or long-term? Two weeks or two decades? You could have multiple answers and scenarios. Ultimately, it’s important to decide where you want to go and, crucially, why. This could relate to your financial situation, job satisfaction or personal fulfilment. If you’re a leader, it may be that you’re questioning whether your current talent base has the skill set to get the business to where it needs to be.
Reflecting on and understanding your motivations is a great start on the path to growth. This will not only help you to think about where you want to get to but what’s driving your compulsion for change. 
Sounds easy, right? But with the grind of the day to day, it can be hard to view the bigger picture, especially at a time of huge technological change and political uncertainty. Many of us have ambitions and aspirations, whether it’s for ourselves or our teams, but how often do we truly stop to take stock of where we are and then plot a course to succeed in those aims? 
It can be easy for career stagnation to kick in for even the most qualified and driven people. On an individual level, this can lead to demotivation and frustration and drive a desire for change. At a team level, its effects can arguably be felt even more powerfully, harming morale, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line.
So it’s clear: having a clear plan for growth is good for everybody. But how do you progress your growth further? At Michael Page, we’ve been finding talent for teams for over 40 years. Over the decades we’ve learned a lot about what makes talent, teams and businesses tick. So if growth is your goal, we’re with you every step of the way. 
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