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Is your business looking to hire banking or financial services professionals? Michael Page Banking & Financial Services will explode your preconceptions of the recruitment industry.
Our approach is consultative not conventional; it’s about understanding and responding to your staffing needs; about attracting candidates that are right for your business and the role you’re recruiting; about sifting those relevant candidates and presenting you with an outstanding interview shortlist; above all, it’s about letting you get on with the day to day and still get the results you’d hoped for.
What it’s not about is throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks. Our consultants are paid a salary, not commission so the only pressure they’re under is to meet your criteria, not monthly sales targets. You won’t interview anyone we don’t think could excel in the role; you might, however, have a job choosing between candidates.
If you’re already convinced of the expedience of partnering with us, take the initiative: submit a job spec, find your local office or speak to a Michael Page Banking & Financial Services consultant.
If you’re looking for temp, contract or interim professionals, click here.