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Temp and contracts market update – July 2013



  • Increased job flow H1 2013 compared to H2 2012 – BUC businesses have a little more confidence in the market.
  • Current hot spots – capital management (balance sheet funding) and a little spike in FINREP hiring. Different to COREP/Basel II where focus was on risk professionals, FINREP is mainly an accounting drive for qualified FA/FC background.
  • Still mainly replacement hiring rather than for growth reasons. A number of PC/FC business areas continue to be off-shored and there is a push to increase the percentage of those overall businesses in off or near-shore locations.


  • There have been fewer finance project initiatives happening – most organisations have been looking at their internal controls. One consequence has been more hiring of operational risk and Lean change management professionals.
  • There has been an increased focus on organisational review and internal regulation as well as (people) structure.


  • There has been demand for OTC expertise as a result of new clearing initiatives and regulation.
  • Other areas where we have seen increased hiring is in counterparty risk and collateral management, and also in the back office of UK banks we have seen many roles for re-engineer payment processes and controls in the light of the new payment regulation (SEPA).

Compliance, audit and risk

  • Anti-money laundering/CF10 and CF11 has continued to be a focus.
  • We have had a number of requisitions for regulatory risk and fraud areas.
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