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Creating your portfolio

In the Fashion world, your ‘handwriting’ is the term used to describe your unique design style. Generally handwriting tends to fall into three categories:
  • Commercial - You appeal to a wide audience
  • Pro-active - You are a trend-setter
  • Reactive - You follow trends and create your own interpretation 
To showcase your handwriting you will need to create a Portfolio comprising university projects, CAD samples, sketches, drawings, mood boards and any certificates of any awards you may have picked up along the way.
Your first step should be to choose a folder or binder in which to organise your work. This should both be easy to flick through and presented in a way that reflects your personality and design style.
Include samples of your best pieces, putting the most recent at the start and working backwards, allowing the reader to see how you have developed over time. Group pieces together and ensure your mood boards, sketches, fabric samples and final photos show the lifecycle of your creation, from concept through to final production.
It’s essential that you keep your portfolio updated, telling the story of how each piece or collection came together. This will let a potential employer see how your handwriting’s developing and get a feel for your ability to adapt to new product areas. You never know when you might be interviewing for that dream job, so keep it up to date.
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