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International relocation – where are you moving to?

  • Research the areas you could potentially live in, understand how the property market works for buying and/or renting. Contracts for rental agreements can be very different overseas and you may require the assistance of a professional to help you understand the rental contracts and agreements.
  • If you have children, research schools in the area.
  • Visit the country you’re moving to, to better understand the best and worst areas to live in and get a feel for the culture. Working somewhere is very different to being there on holiday, so try to consider practicalities rather than short-term attractions.
  • Do you have a car and are you taking it with you? Research any differences in the law when taking your car across the border; make sure you know the requirements of a legally road worthy vehicle before you start driving!
  • Research the transport networks and plan how you’ll get about.
  • If you need to hire an international moving company to transport your possessions, speak to them early on so you have an idea of timescales for when to expect delivery.