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Treasury jobs

A career in treasury is an opportunity to work at the heart of an organisation providing valuable support to all the key functions. It is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for the more commercially-minded finance professional who is looking to add real value to a business.
Working in treasury, you will develop a thorough understanding of the opportunities which the capital and money markets offer to an organisation to help it fund its activities and manage risk successfully. Knowing that the decisions you make can significantly affect your company, and working in an environment where you have to be aware of both the capital markets and the external economy’s impact on your company can be as daunting as it is challenging. Few other roles will give you the option to see the decisions you make having a material impact on the organisation you work for.
The role of the treasury professional is extremely varied; incorporating a range of professional disciplines including money management, accounting, corporate finance, risk management and corporate governance.
  • Treasury accountant

A treasury accountant is a cash management specialist responsible for helping an organisation to increase profitability. This is achieved by assessing liquidity needs, determining sources for funding and investing excess cash in capital markets. This role also includes ensuring financial statements are in order and adhere to regulations.
Treasury accountants record organisations’ cash transactions, ensuring that records are accurate and comply with GAAP, and often work closely with auditors.
  • Treasury analyst

The main role of a treasury analyst is to control the daily exposure and the position of the cash of a firm. Treasury analysts are responsible for the financial modelling of a firm, dealing with foreign exchange and money market tools. 
As a treasury analyst your duties will include proposing and executing the appropriate decisions by observing and analysing the movement of currencies within the firm. Analysts handle ad-hoc cash requests and adopt control measures to help minimise cash lost by the firm due to banking charges. The financial performance of the firm must be forecast by the treasury analyst, and advice given to management on necessary precautionary measures after assessing the current and potential risks.
In this role you will contribute to a company’s success by ensuring an efficient banking structure and through supporting all aspects of Treasury Operations activities. Roles are within the finance divisions of big or medium scale firms and in government departments.
The options for career progressions are varied; increasingly more group FDs of the leading FTSEs were group treasurers. Alternatively you could take it as a stepping stone into corporate finance or strategy, banking or another commercial role in business.
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