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Treasury jobs

Treasury is an inclusive term for those activities that promote an organisation’s financial health, especially liquidity and cash management, funding, risk management and controls. The key to determining a firm’s financial strategy and policy, treasury is increasingly pivotal to a sustainable competitive advantage.
Providing support to business critical functions, the role of treasury puts it at the heart of an organisation. It is this combination of an inherent sense of value with a broad base from which to explore variety of specialised roles that continue to attract professionals to a career in treasury.
Michael Page Treasury is recognised by the industry as a specialist treasury recruitment service. We have been recruiting in this market since 1999 and are well established in cities across the UK.
Our team comprises industry and commerce, public sector and not-for-profit, and financial services specialists, all of whom have a track record of placing professionals on a temporary basis across the full spectrum of role, from Treasury Assistant to Group Treasurer. We also recruit Treasury Accountants whom can report Group Financial Control, and we are an experienced ‘enabler’ for newly qualified accountants who express an interest in developing a career in treasury.
Michael Page has pioneered a consultative approach to recruitment, enabling us to build enduring relationships on a national level, with a stellar cast of treasury talent and an unmatched stable of financial institutions, including FTSE listed companies, multinationals, Big Four accountancy practices, SME’s and public sector organisations.
Last year we saw increased activity across the spectrum with a number of high profile senior mandates being won and an increase in volume of treasury analysts and manager being needed.
Whether you are the firm looking to hire or the talent that drives the Treasury sector, we will take the time to understand and reconcile your individual needs. For any advice, please reach out to the team by calling 02072692474 or emailing [email protected].