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Key steps to building a successful career

Peter Simmonds, Operational Director at Michael Page Logistics, spoke to Laura Frost, a Senior Consultant within the logistics department about her career, PageGroup, and what candidates need to do to succeed.

What have you done in your career prior to joining PageGroup?

I started work as a lifeguard and swimming teacher whilst in school and university then decided that I was going to move home as I wanted to start my career. I joined Marriott Hotels, where I initially worked on the check-in desk and then the real fun started with my career in the sales world. 
I worked at the south west sales office selling conferences, events and bedrooms, for nine hotels within the south west region. This provided a great foundation in sales and gave me a taste for nice hotels. After this, I started a trades and labour desk for a construction recruitment company where I built the whole desk from scratch. Also, walking onto a building site with my suit, hard hat, high visibility gear and boots, was certainly a sight for others to see.

What do you most enjoy about the role you do?

I enjoy working with people, colleagues, clients and candidates, especially when I've had a hand in helping with their career progression. I have a great example where I've helped a candidate relocate back home and stop night shifts, which meant a work/life balance change for him, and also that he could see his family. Instances like that really makes my job worthwhile. 

What would you describe as your secret weapon?

Energy and enthusiasm – I always like to try and keep a positive mental attitude as I really believe that is how you come across within a team dynamic that rubs off on others. It creates a positive culture. 

What would be your one piece of advice for anyone looking to join PageGroup?

Recruitment is a lifestyle changer, highly rewarding and social, however it takes hard work and determination. Working for PageGroup will give you the best start to your career but ultimately you create your own brand.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in the logistics market currently?

It’s an extremely candidate-short market presently, which means there are companies offering salary increases to entice employees, that are looking to exit and move to another company, to stay. Many of our candidates attend numerous interviews during their process and therefore have more choices, so employers need to move quickly to ensure they catch their first choice candidate. 

What challenges are your clients currently facing in the market?

Having great people within their business but finding that the needs of their organisation now outweighs the capability of their employees. Finding the right candidate, then matching correct skill sets and also the softer skill sets to match within the business. 

What advice would you give candidates who are looking for a new role in the current recruitment market?

Be prepared to be in high demand and experience a buoyant market with many businesses looking to hire you. Be clear in your own mind what your ideal next role is. Ensure you are confident and that your current employer does not have bigger and better plans for you before you resign. Have the internal conversation first before you enter the external market.
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