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Interview tips for marketing agency jobs


Make your expertise count

As a marketing agency job seeker, the strengths evident on your CV are your track record and industry know-how. While being picked for interview means the hiring manager considers you a potential fit for the job on paper, it ultimately serves as their opportunity to put you in the spotlight and find out more about what makes you tick.
When you’re invited to an interview, the usual rules apply. Make sure you’re on time, greet the interviewer confidently and be ready to wow them with your research on their organisation. The sartorial expectations at a marketing agency are a world away from, say, an investment bank but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress to be noticed.  Be yourself, but be the best and most professional version of yourself you can be within the context of an interview.
Your potential new agency will be keen to see if you gel well with the team – if you’re the right ‘cultural fit’. Turn to your network to understand the type of working atmosphere at the agency at which you’re interviewing, make sure it’s for you and then put your best foot forward.
Assessing cultural fit in an interview involves you being yourself. Try to relax, and impart your achievements not only in a technical sense, but include the practical benefit you brought to the project. Often your personality and your approach in a creative environment are every bit as important as your technical skills or impressive track record.
No pressure then! Not if you’re well prepared, informed and honest with both yourself and your prospective employer about your skills and abilities in relation to the role on offer.
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