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Using social media to secure your next agency job

Long gone are the days when your only route to a new agency job was responding to an advertisement in the press or trade magazines.  Online advertising and job boards have made life easier for those searching for a new role, and the increasing use of social networking for career-related pursuits allows even greater visibility for job seekers about market happenings.
Although not a substitute for traditional job hunting methods, we’re a firm believer that the power of connecting online can tip the balance in your favour when it comes to applying for and researching your potential new job. 

Make yourself available

The key to securing a new role has historically been about ‘who you know’, a trend that has only increased as online tools improve the ease of building and maintaining a network.
So you would like a new role in a digital agency?  Go to where the agency recruiters gather online (in Michael Page Agency’s case, LinkedIn is a favourite) and connect and interact with a fully complete, professional profile.  If it’s tricky to publicly announce your job search as a status update, make sure that you identify and connect with the recruiters who could be helpful contacts going forward.  Like offline networking, the most useful relationships are those developed over time so if an initial contact doesn’t amount to anything, be sure to stay in touch for the future.

Be the first to know

Recruiters are increasingly turning to social media sites to announce the roles that they are recruiting for, whether with an official job ad or as a status update. The benefit of being connected to recruitment consultants in your industry space is that if you monitor your social media resources, you will often be one of the first to know about an opportunity.

Job hunting on the move

Looking for a new role can be a job in itself, so eliminating the need to be in front of a computer screen can make the process a little less daunting.  Equip yourself with a smartphone, and respond to emails from your recruiter as soon as you can. 
Having the ability to search for jobs online from your mobile is a handy way to speed up, and be discreet about, your job hunting efforts. Bookmark your favourite career advice sites online, and refer back to them when you have a spare moment when you’re out and about.

Interview preparation

Connecting online has now opened the doors for conversations about an opportunity, and what better way to prepare for the interview than to refer back to online resources.  Research the organisation by joining industry-specific groups, and find out more about your interviewer by checking out their profile.
The world of social media has produced a range or different ways to connect to people in the know, and get you noticed.  Get in touch with the agency team to discover more about how we use social media to connect with candidates.
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