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2013 in focus


Budgets and competition

The most common challenges facing our clients and candidates in 2013 are around budgets and competition. Competition for roles is still high and quality candidates are still getting picked up quickly, however candidates often have to go the extra mile to secure an offer. Candidates are also being very pragmatic in the current climate by looking at longer term roles rather than shorter term roles with financial gains.


The growth opportunities in financial services in 2013 will be across the board in both contract and permanent roles. With confidence starting to creep back into the market, we are starting to see more ‘new’ roles rather than roles that are to replace leavers. In financial services marketing, we are likely to see growth in digital roles, as well as more traditional areas of marketing as businesses start to spend more on branding, campaigns and events, which have all been lacking investment over the past 18 months.
We have identified three likely trends for early 2013:
  • Permanent and contract recruitment will continue to rise as headcount numbers start to increase
  • Digital marketing will increase as it grows within the market
  • Marketing will be built around analysis and insight