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The end of 2012 and bonus season



With regards to salaries in the New Year, candidates currently have low compensation expectations after another indifferent year for much of the financial services sector, according to our survey carried out in Q4 2012. Of the candidates we spoke to within financial services, 43% are expecting no pay rise; similar to numbers we saw this time last year.


Of those expecting a pay rise, the majority expect something under 3%. On a more positive note, fewer people expect no bonus this year. The majority of those who do have an expectation of a bonus expect a payment of 5-25%. Of that group, a third of the respondents expect around 10%.


These bonus and remuneration figures link in with the most significant market trend in Q4 of 2012 in financial services marketing. We are noticing a significant increase in confidence in financial services during the current climate. With an increasing confidence, marketing functions are being given more exposure with senior stakeholders; therefore the demand for marketers is increasing.