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Offshore work locations - Malta

With a vibrant colour scheme contrasting honey coloured stone against deep turquoise tones of the sea, near year-round sun and a rich 7000 year history, it is easy to see why Malta is a popular destination for holiday makers. Beyond the vacation appeal however is a rich culture and impressive economic history. This has formed the foundation for many offshore companies that has established a base in Malta and for professionals, a rewarding work-life balance.
An archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Republic of Malta lies 93 kilometres south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. Three of the islands remain inhabited. The islands feature low hills with terraced landscapes many home to thriving cotton fields. Flights from the UK take approximately three hours.
With mild winters and hot dry summers, the climate in Malta is Mediterranean. Temperatures in the peak of summer can reach approximately 104°F (40°C) and in winter 59°F (15°C). Malta is the smallest European Union member in terms of area and population (approximately 405,000).
Malta’s parliamentary system and public administration are closely modelled on the Westminster system. Professionals in Malta work in a location that imposes between 15% and 35% direct tax making it an increasingly popular location for organisations to invest in.

Jobs in Malta

Ingrained in the professional workforce is a sense of compelling business energy and desire to succeed against a background of an internationally recognised economy. The emergence of new international business is also noticeable. This entrepreneurial mentality is encapsulated within smaller dichotomies. Teams are obviously smaller, thus an individual’s contribution is more felt by the business.
Commuting to and from work and home is not considered a burden by natives as the distance and geography is so favourable. This gives residents the chance to indulge in their Mediterranean lifestyles.