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Roles we recruit


Policy: typical roles 

Michael Page’s Policy team can source temporary and permanent staff for all stages of a project lifecycle. We have outlined the main roles we recruit in some detail below; if you require a more comprehensive list, click here.

Policy qdvisors

These roles are very sector specific: at Ofcom, for example, a policy advisor might be reviewing content standards for broadcasters while the same role in a housing department might be more concerned with devising strategies to tackle homelessness.


Researchers provide the quantitative and qualitative research used by policy advisors to evidence their strategies.


Commissioners work for local authorities and primary care trusts, developing, securing and monitoring services to meet the local population’s needs. If, for example, an authority commits to the provision of a drug rehabilitation service, it is the commissioner’s responsibility to secure and monitor the contract. 

Performance Advisors

Performance advisors assess the progress made towards achieving predetermined policy goals. They look at key performance indicators, analyse the results and then advise on improvements that can be made.