Across our dedicated interim procurement and supply chain division we are seeing double digit year-on-year growth across the UK. Research which we recently undertook indicates that 65% of the professional interim placements made over the last 12 months, were within our indirect procurement division which focuses predominately across the public sector, construction & facilities management, financial services and professional services. The remaining 35% of placements have been made within our direct purchasing and supply chain divisions, across industrial and consumer sectors.
Changing perceptions of an ever evolving interim market

Why use career interims?

Feedback from our client population highlighted similar trends as to why an organisation would consider using interim resource, and the most common reasons as to why an organisation would look to appoint an interim candidate are listed below.
  • Project – P2P implementation, supplier rationalisation, ERP implementation or outsourcing procurement as examples 
  • Cover a permanent role whilst hiring
  • Greenfield
  • Restructure
  • An increase in headcount 
  • Covering sick or maternity leave
  • Contract win/increased volumes
Project delivery continues to be the main requirement and we have placed senior interim procurement consultants to establish procurement and supply chain functions, implement best practice and deliver niche, high value projects. The perception historically from many clients was that appointing a career interim would be an expensive luxury, but this mindset is starting to shift dramatically. 
We have found that where the project and career interim candidate are well suited, these are actually profit generating exercises which can affect in a positive fashion, the bottom-line profit of an organisation, and not be an additional cost.
Second to project delivery is utilising an interim during a permanent recruitment process. When used correctly, this can mean that an over qualified interim resource is expected to:
  • receive a handover of works from the incumbent before their departure; 
  • pick up workload during the recruitment process; 
  • hand over to the new starter and;
  • demonstrate value by the day. 
Project – 34% of placements made across our procurement and supply chain division in the last 12 months, were specifically appointed by organisations to either assist or lead on a project. Experience shows us that when sourcing for these positions, the candidate population are highly experienced with a proven track record in delivering specific objectives that will ensure minimal risk to the client.
Cover permanent role while hiring – 26% of our interim placements over the last 12 months have been appointed while organisations run their permanent recruitment process. This means that there is full continuity, taking pressure off the recruitment process, enabling the right permanent person to be sourced, and giving them a platform of success, rather than a mountain of work upon their arrival.
From analysing our interim placements over the last 12 months we found the most in-demand interim job types across our UK procurement and supply chain division. The results below are based on a UK average and if you would like further detail by either industry or region please refer to our salary comparison tool


  • Head of Procurement
  • Material, Planning & Logistics Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Senior Buyer
  • Supplier Relationship Manager 
  • Demand Planner
Below is an overview of typical current market rates by job type across the UK. Interestingly, over the last 12 months, day rates across the UK have increased on average by 6%. The interim market is difficult to forecast given its nature and fluidity. What is important to have in mind when commencing the search in identifying an interim, is that the actual rate secured by a candidate can vary based on the current demand of the required role and skill set. 

Average day rate by job type

  • Head of Procurement
Public Sector £500-£600 per day
Private Sector £600-£700 per day
  • MP&L Manager
Automotive £450-£550 per day
General Man £400-£500 per day
Consumer £450-£550 per day
  • Category Manager
Public Sector £400-£500 per day
Private Sector £450-£550 per day
  • Sourcing Manager
Automotive £350-£450 per day
General Man £300-£400 per day
Consumer £350-£450 per day
  • Senior Buyer
Public Sector £250-£350 per day
Private Sector £300-£400 per day
  • Supplier Relationship Manager
Public Sector £350-£450 per day
Private Sector £400-£550 per day
  • Demand Planner
Industrial £300-£350 per day
Consumer £350-£400 per day


In what is clearly a candidate-short market, the appointments of interims is increasing at an aggressive rate across the procurement and supply chain arena. Of our clients, 82% are now in agreement that incorporating a career interim can offer them a quick win whilst not affecting the day-to-day running of their organisations, compared to 74% in 2014. Given the continued success which career interims can deliver to a business, we at Michael Page, Procurement and Supply Chain, can only see this continuing to grow. 
To talk to an Interim Specialist at Michael Page please contact Ben Carr on either [email protected] or 07920 118 354.