At Michael Page we have noticed a surge in overseas demand for fashion buyers, merchandisers, designers, developers and technicians. The excellent training offered by UK fashion learning centres, coupled with the leading reputation the UK has in the fashion market, means professionals here are viewed internationally as possessing desirable skills and expertise.
Working in an international fashion organisation overseas can aid your career progression, as many businesses are attracted to the prospect of hiring someone with global market knowledge and hands-on experience. Aside from showing you’re willing to challenge yourself, working abroad can help progress your career in the following ways:
  • The exposure you’ll get to an international customer base will expand your knowledge and insight
  • You’ll prove that you’re flexible, adaptable and able to work in diverse teams
  • Applying UK skills to a European fashion retailer means you can make a dramatic difference to a department’s performance that you might not be able to in the current UK retail market
  • Working in a different country will also provide you with the opportunity to grow personally by experiencing a different culture and lifestyle
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