Since the days when early man emerged from the caves and began working flint into tools, those that prospered harnessed the most advanced technology for their own means. The brightest of our hominid ancestors looked at a flint blade and recognised that what made it special was not the cutting edge itself but the fact that using that edge gave them abilities beyond their natural capability. Similarly, the modern IT professional looks at a website, application or technical solution and recognises that it is the commercial benefit that makes it special, not the clever technology behind it.
No matter how pretty a web page looks or how snappy the URL, it becomes irrelevant if a business cannot add commercial value through the technology. An E-commerce solution lives or dies by it’s ability to drive the business forward. The IT professional that understands this is destined for great things.
E-commerce is the highest point of evolution of the IT professional. Those that didn’t want to leave the basement, played with technology for technology’s sake and refused to shed the pony tail and the Guns ‘n’ Roses T-Shirt have been usurped. The new breed are commercially minded professionals who serve the needs of their business through technology.
Michael Page Technology works with a large number of E-commerce companies who find our knowledge of the market, appreciation of changing commercial drivers and expert consultants invaluable. Our worth is reflected in the calibre of candidate we provide and the way we communicate with and serve our clients as the market evolves.
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Naveed Aftab, Design Technologist at Expedia, talks about his recruitment experience with Michael Page.
“From the first call I received to the last, I not only received a well-rounded professional service, I was actually dealing with a consultant who had a solid understanding of the E-commerce market. This gave me the confidence to place my trust in him from the get go, as he showed a genuine interest and understanding of the industry where I practice my trade.
My consultant, Sam Burman, was aware that I was interviewing elsewhere to achieve the right career move. I wanted to secure a role which took full advantage of my skill set in commercial web development and allowed me to push new technologies. Sam was able to provide me with great confidence in Expedia, due to his knowledge of the company, their culture, and their goals moving forward.”
Clash Media
Clash media is a leading, performance-based marketing company, harnessing Enabling Technology to connects marketers to consumers though its powerful Lead Generation and Affiliation Network. Simon Wajcenberg – CEO of Clash Media - recommends Michael Page for specialist E-commerce recruitment:
“I have used Michael Page across a variety of our business functions and have been impressed with their knowledge of the Digital market and their candidate reach in New Media.”
“I have always been delighted by the relevance and quality of candidates they provided, along with the service levels offered by their account managers. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a recruitment partner”