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The challenges of restructuring and how Page Outsourcing may provide the answers

The challenges of restructuring and how Page Outsourcing may provide the answers

There can be a great many reasons for undertaking an organisational restructure. Whether it’s in response to challenging market conditions, a switch in operational priorities or an effort to capitalise on newfound opportunities, a restructure comes with some unique challenges. The retention and recruitment of the right group of professionals is certainly among the more complex of those challenges. Finding the right mix of skills, bringing in new people, changing remits and responsibilities, and shifting the group focus into a new direction while keeping everyone happy and motivated is testing in the most favourable of circumstances.

How Project Outsourcing from PageGroup can help

At its core Page Outsourcing is designed to deliver a specific project or minimum required volume of hires. We assume responsibility for the recruitment lifecycle needs of certain key areas of your company. It’s our most agile offering, yet still fully tailored to you and your key business objectives. Short-term and project specific, these projects highlight the depth of talent we can call on to meet your project indicators. 
The end to end service, which utilises the resources of the three key PageGroup brands is completely scalable based on requirements, identifies the best available shortlist of talent quickly and to an agreed budget. The benefits are numerous but where you are expanding your operation a few stand out: 

Scale and scope of resources

Any restructure will require new skills, experiences and competencies. Often a restructure is conceived with new positions and new skills built in and its success will reply on the ability to bring the right people in. When looking for specific skill sets, on which the success of a restructure relies, search via local agencies or in-house teams can be limiting. 
These barriers are easily mitigated by the scale and scope of the resources available under the Page Outsourcing method. We utilise the wide scale resources of PageGroup’s three key brands, Page Executive, Michael Page and Page Personnel. You’ll benefit from the knowledge, systems and expertise gained from over four decades in recruitment and 6,000 recruitment consultants globally; whilst only having to communicate with one dedicated resourcing partner. Your Page Outsourcing project leader will ensure you get the best out of our resources, in the most efficient time.
Whether you are relocating, expanding or moving into new markets, local marketing intelligence is key to your business growth.  In partnership with leading market-analysts Innovantage our market mapping service will allow you to analyse local recruitment markets. Through innovative data analytics we can review the volume of jobs being advertised by city, town or region, ranked by discipline, the average salary being offered by job family and which local organisations are recruiting in which functions. 

Multiple Hires

As well as being able to source highly skills and specialised candidates from a nationwide talent pool, the outsourcing model is capable of providing multiple hires across a range of roles. Many restructures involve the need to build entire teams, particularly where a new operational direction is being considered. Organisations can experience difficulty in hiring one or two professionals into the roles they need; where there is need for more hires into similar roles the talent pool can quickly dry up. The diverse sourcing methodologies employed in an outsourcing model are capable of finding as many candidates as required for a particular job role. If you need five, ten or twenty hires into a job role, Page Outsourcing can accommodate.

Access to candidates at all levels

Another challenge which often comes up during a restructure is that changes are made across all levels. You are likely to be making hires at entry level, managerial and senior roles, and all at the same time. This can put a heavy burden onto typical recruitment methodologies and risks stretching capacity beyond to breaking point. The result of this is less resource and time spent on each hire, less scrutiny of applications, less engagement with candidates and ultimately less chance of hiring the best people. Without the best people the restructuring of your business is unlikely to prosper.

Building and utilising your EVP

The employee value proposition remains one of the strongest tools available to any organisation looking to build their team. A good outsourcing provider can help to both define your EVP and more importantly sell it to potential hires. This involves developing a keen understanding of your organisation, your values and priorities, your message and what makes it a great place to work. With a restructure this can be an opportunity to sell the vision you have for the future of the business. This can then be translated to candidates - often the key factor in their decision to take on a new role.
If you would be interested in learning more about a bespoke Page Outsourcing solution please get in touch for a completely non-obligatory talk with one of our team.
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Business Development Director, Page Outsourcing
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