The challenges of relocating an organisation and how outsourcing may provide the answers

In response to the global pandemic, the Government delayed the implementation of the IR35 reform in the private sector. In an announcement made on 17th March 2020, Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, confirmed the off-payroll reforms would be postponed until April 2021.

In a rapidly evolving market and as organisational design and transformation come to the fore, it is important not to overlook these upcoming changes and how they impact the future of your hiring strategy and access to top talent. 

Why does IR35 need to be considered now?  

Although the reform is not due to be introduced until April 2021, the process of preparing is extensive. In addition to this, any contracts that are likely to extend past the implementation date, both those already in place and upcoming contracts, will be affected by the updated reform of the off-payroll working legislation. 

October and November 2020 will be key months in ensuring you are ready for the changes. If you have not already started to think about the impact of IR35 on your business, it is time to push it higher up the agenda and consider getting support.

How can Page Outsourcing help? 

At Page Outsourcing, our unique position in the market makes us an ideal partner to help guide and support you with IR35 preparation and hiring in line with the updated reform of the off-payroll working legislation longer term. 

We offer comprehensive support and guidance through the following processes:

  • Audit

Do you understand the shape of your contract and temporary workforce? We will help review each of your contracts and identify those who are PAYE, those working through an umbrella company, and importantly, those operating as a limited company to run through a comprehensive assessment process. 

  • Assessment

We work with our customers to ensure a full understanding of the assessment process. We have access to a comprehensive assessment tool, and we conduct a thorough analysis of each assignment. This is done from a day-to-day operational perspective to build the supporting evidence required to form a case as to why an assignment may be inside or outside of IR35, which is then backed by an insurance product. 

If CEST, or an alternative tool, has already been used, we ask clarifying questions around working practices to build further evidence and this status determination can also be backed by an insurance product. 

  • Status determination

Ultimately, the final determination of an assignment will need to be made by you, the end client. Our insight and experience of IR35 in the public sector, in addition to our comprehensive assessment, will equip you with the tools necessary to make the best-informed decisions, all with the peace of mind knowing this determination will be insurance backed.  

  • Transitioning payroll

If, after making a status determination, you need to transition a contractor to PAYE, but do not have payroll facilities set up, we can engage directly with the contractor on behalf of our clients for an interim period. This ensures your top talent can be retained and a smooth process is facilitated. 

  • Hiring strategy 

It is advisable to approach your strategy for engaging contractors in the future on a case by case and assignment basis. Blanket approaches run the risk of missing out on the very best talent available and the niche skills likely to be required in the years to come. 
Our access to market insight and data will be key in identifying what the competition is doing and to ensure you are not missing out on the best available talent.

What is the benefit of partnering with Page Outsourcing? 

As part of the PageGroup – Page Executive, Michael Page, and Page Personnel – our experience and expertise are comprehensive, and our talent pool is extensive. When engaging with Page Outsourcing, you will work with a dedicated partner, committed to ensuring your business is equipped with the information and tools to prepare for the implementation of IR35.

With constant change and uncertainty in the market, knowing that you have this support and specialist knowledge on hand can be invaluable.

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Get in touch with our specialist today to find out how we can support. 

Kyra Cordrey

Commercial Director, PageGroup