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Podcast Interview: What can you learn about team work from Gordon Ramsay and JK Rowling?

Michael Page has partnered with talent development and organisational change experts Workplace Evolution to bring you a series of inspiring, and informative podcasts, where a range of experts offer unique insights and their top career tips.

In our fourth episode, business psychologist Michael Costello meets with Jo Keeler from Belbin, the world leading experts on team theory and development. In their discussion, Jo analyses how the individual social, action, and thinking roles relate to famous people such as Boris Johnson, JK-Rowling, and Gordon Ramsey, whilst explaining how to develop high performing teams.
The episode explores:

  • Individuals in the public eye; Boris Johnson, Gordon Ramsey and J.K Rowling, and identifies their team role, helping bring the framework to life.
  • The key skills leaders need to perfect in order to develop a high performing team.
  • How to drive "psychological safety" in teams - a term developed as a result of research by Google ("Project Aristotle").
  • Organisational culture and team roles in relation to the NHS.


Make sure the team has an objective, make sure it has a purpose, and make sure that everybody in that team truly understands what that is.


Jo Keeler

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