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A complete guide to job interviews: Identifying and acquiring the best talent from inside, and outside your sector

Identifying and acquiring the best talent from inside your sector is the route most organisations take when they recruit. However, those who look outside their sector, often remain in pole position to recruit the best candidates.


Quite simply, a broader pool of talent with a diversified background of experience, will enable an organisation to remain at the forefront and ahead of its competitors. A diverse team will inspire new ways of thinking, and will have the ability to achieve an organisation’s desired growth. The battle for talent is ongoing and as such, finding the candidates your organisation needs is ever more important.


In this eBook, the third from our Untapped talent series, we offer a complete guide to job interviews which explores how identifying and acquiring the best talent from inside, and outside your sector, can reap huge rewards. We discuss effective questioning and the benefits of the STAR model. We also cover how to assess candidates’ soft and technical skills, and how to interview candidates from different sectors to get the skills that you need.


The interview process can be complex, but with skilled candidates in high demand, assessing them effectively to see if they would be a perfect fit, can become a real challenge. It’s time to get the right skills into your organisation and our eBook will help improve your hiring process to ensure that you do.


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