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Inclusive recruitment: Attracting and hiring from a more diverse talent pool

In order to access a broader pool of talent in a competitive market, it is crucial to ensure that you have a sound diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy in place.
Diversity and inclusion are the most talked about topics within businesses today, but they are also arguably the most misunderstood. For organisations to truly drive change and implement structures that support a diverse network of talent, a comprehensive understanding of the people that they are employing is key.
In this eBook, the second of three from our Untapped Talent series, we explore how an inclusive recruitment process can aid in the attracting and hiring of a more diverse talent pool. We look at the business benefits of recruiting for and embracing difference as well as highlighting the challenge in overcoming unconscious bias. Knowing how to navigate the obstacles that can hinder even the most well-planned strategies will keep you on track to achieve your goals.
We also look at our latest survey results from an inclusion perspective and consider how a deeper insight into employee and candidate motivators can improve the hiring process. 


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