In the challenging and fast-moving landscape of a post-pandemic world, and both businesses and employees are focusing strongly on career development strategies. To navigate the new normal, it is essential that companies are able not only to attract and retain the best candidates, but also continuously develop employees into top talent. 

Our guest speakers, FJ Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Clearview Coaching, and Gary Storer, Founder and Director of Future Leadership, will be sharing exclusive insights on:

  • The skillsets of those who have stepped up in their organisations during the pandemic 
  • The role of coaching and development in retention post-pandemic
  • Recognising and acknowledging high performers
  • Training and upskilling future workforces 
  • The art of networking and interpersonal skills post-Covid

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  • Event speakers


    Kyra Cordrey, Commercial Director, PageGroup UK


    FJ Smith, MD & Founder, Clearview with FJ

    Gary Storer, Founder and Director, Future Leadership