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Diversity and Inclusion Webinar: Why the new normal is the only way forward

In this on-demand webinar, our guest speakers explore what the new normal could look like and highlight how this evolution in the way we work can facilitate better diversity and inclusion. Topics covered include:


  • Why we cannot return to old working ways
  • How the new home working setup allows companies to be more responsive and agile
  • Making the new normal and remote workplace inclusive
  • Recognising and embracing everyone’s differences
  • Inclusive communications – connecting with both introvert and extrovert personalities remotely
  • Reviewing leadership styles to better support a remote organisation


The fast-moving effects of the Covid-19 health emergency have seen our home and working lives completely redefined. Many believe that the typical work routine we once knew is unlikely to return and would prefer a permanent shift in work arrangement to facilitate a better work-life balance. At PageGroup, an internal employee survey exploring the new normal at work has revealed that 70% of individuals want to maintain their newfound home-life balance and would do not want to return to five days in the office.

This global shift to remote and home working will form the foundation for a long-term shift in professionals’ expectations of organisations and the way they interact with them as employees. The question is, will organisations be able to accommodate these expectations and how will operational HR staff continue to support all employees in adjusting to their new working environments.


Register to this view this on-demand webinar below: 

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