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Generation FL-X: How to meet the needs of an evolving workforce

There is a growing demand for flexible working options among UK employees, especially from Generation FL-X (18-27 year-olds). Yet our research revealed that at least 25% of Gen FL-X has had requests for flexible working rejected by employers. Given that millennials are predicted to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020, it is crucial that employers understand how to attract and retain this talent but how do you make flexible working work for everyone?
As part of our new series of Michael Page webinars, we were joined by a panel of industry leading experts to discuss the significance of flexible working and changing employee expectations. Register now to watch the on-demand webinar in which the panel provide insight and advice into the following areas:
  • Why flexible working matters
  • What working practices and business model options exist
  • What should be considered to make flexible working a success in your organisation
  • How some organisations have approached flexible working

To watch the on-demand webinar, fill in the form below.

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Key speakers:

ian moyse
Kim Stringer – HR Consultant at Crimson HR, specialising in implementing flexible working options within fast-growing tech/media SMEs
louis botha
Jessica Larsen – Director of HR EMEA at global talent mobility specialist BGRS
pageoutsourcing - recruitment
David Forsdyke – Managing Director, Michael Page Legal, Policy and Human Resources

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