Legal updates

Welcome to the legal updates section of the employer resource centre. Here we aim to keep you informed about changes to the law that could have an impact on you as an employer.
The Agency Workers Regulations which govern the rights of agency workers, give temporary agency staff equal treatment with regards to basic working and employment conditions after 12 weeks of service in the same job.
Many employers now recognise that family friendly provisions and flexible working can actually make good business sense and help with employee retention. Certain employees have a legal right to request a more flexible way of working and as such, their employer has a legal obligation to seriously consider their request.
Equality legislation in the UK helps to prevent unlawful discrimination by recruiters and employers and helps to promote diversity in the workplace. It’s important for all employers to understand the laws surrounding these issues and take positive steps to uphold correct employment procedures.
Acts of bribery can have serious ramifications for a business, particularly since The Bribery Act 2010 was put into force on July 1st 2011.Understanding this act should help organisations to appreciate the legislation and deal with the risks of bribery.
The government’s plan to implement a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS) has already begun and will continue to be introduced over the next five years. We’ve partnered with financial advisory firm Smith & Williamson, in order to provide you with a summary of the details you need to know as an employer.